Sparklike introduces the new Sparklike Handheld™ 3.0

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Posted 12.01.2022

We are pleased to inform you about the updated Sparklike Handheld™ device – the new version is named Sparklike Handheld™ 3.0.

We have refreshed the outlook of the device by changing the main color to an elegant graphite black shade. Sparklike Handheld™ 3.0 also has a new display. The colors of the display can be inverted so that there is either black text on the white background or vice versa.


Handheld 3.0 device with basic Violet Background

The benefits of the Handheld device are the easy and quick non-destructive measurement of argon gas in double glazed insulating glass units. Krypton measurement is available as an option. 

The technical features and specifications of Sparklike Handheld™ 3.0 are the same as in the previous version of Sparklike Handheld™. 

Check out the new Sparklike Handheld™ 3.0 video here.


colors inverted press selectSparklike1492_4000pxcolors inverted press select2Sparklike1493_4000px

The colors of the display: black text on the white background or vice versa


Also, we can now offer as an option a hard case for the Handheld device. 

HH 3.0 Polymer Case2_min

We would like to remind you about the Sparklike CARE™ annual service program™, with the first year included in the price of a new device. 

The deliveries of the Sparklike Handheld™ 3.0 will begin in February 2022


More information you can find from the product page and on the new Sparklike Handheld™ 3.0 leaflet: 

Handheld™ 3.0 Leaflet