Second webinar about non-destructive argon analysers


Posted 15.11.2017


Due to the popular demand, we are organizing the webinar about non-destructive argon analysers for the second time!

The webinar is designed to deliver information on the new non-destructive insulating gas fill analysers, and is therefore interesting to existing customers as well as for those, who are looking to find out more about our patented and proprietary technology.

Non-destructive insulating gas fill measurement for double and triple glazed insulating glass units. Sparklike Laser Gasglass and Sparklike Handheld Gasglass

Sparklike Handheld (left) and Sparklike Laser™ (right) for
non-destructive insulating gas fill analysis

 The webinar will be held on the 12th of December at 4PM EEST.  The duration of the webinar is 20 min. During the webinar, the following topics will be discussed: 

  • Argon fill requirements for double and triple glazed insulating glass units.

  • Non-destructive analysis with Sparklike devices™

  • Sparklike services™

  • R&D add-ons


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