Our customer discusses Sparklike Handheld and Sparklike CARE

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Posted 15.11.2016

We interviewed one of our customers, Itä-Helsingin Lasi’s CEO Matti Martikainen. The company was founded in 1983 and it has grown into the leading glazing company in Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The company provides glazing elements, specialized and patterned glasses and industry related supplies. Their main customer segments are housing cooperatives and construction firms.

Itä-Helsingin Lasi first heard about Sparklike Handheld almost three years ago, when the company researched how they could measure the Argon concentration of their IGU’s in order to meet the requirements related to CE marking. The CE marking is the manufacturer's declaration that the product meets the requirements of the applicable EC directives. During their investigation the company found out that Argon should be measured regularly to ensure quality of the products. For that reason, they started to look for devices that could analyze Argon. This eventually led them to Sparklike’s distributor Projecta, who told them about the possibility to measure the argon concentration non-invasively.

When being asked what was the final deciding factor for purchasing Sparklike Handheld, company’s CEO Matti responded: “It provides practical, accurate and fast quality sampling for double glazed IGU’s. In other words, the device is easy to use and it gives you fast analysis at any point of the production.

Itä-Helsingin lasi

Itä-Helsingin Lasi has been using Sparkilike Handheld for two and half years. In order to save on costs, gain extended product life, obtain reliable gas measurement results, the company also signed up for Sparklike CARE (previously Service Solution). The service agreement includes, among other things:

  1. Maintenance and replacement, if needed, of wear and tear parts such as battery, optical filters, optical fibre, switches and connectors etc.
  2. Calibration and calibration certificate
  3. Pick-up and return of the device

When asked about the future of the glass industry, Mr. Martikainen replies that: “In the future, there will most likely be an increase in standards and quality requirements for authentication. In addition, I believe that the demand for laminated glasses will increase significantly."

Read more about Sparklike Handheld on our website. In order to download Sparklike CARE leaflet, click HERE .