Sparklike hired North America Technical Representative & Development Manager


Posted 25.10.2017

Due to the growing interest towards our Sparklike devices that allow the insulating glass gas fill analysis without breaking the insulating glass unit, we  also decided to grow our personnel by hiring Mike Burk as the North America Technical Representative and Jarno Hartikainen as our Development Manager for our HQ's in Helsinki.

Mike Burk was an easy choice for the North America Technical Representative since he has worked in the technical and training areas of the insulating glass industry for over twenty-five years. Mr. Burk holds a Master's Degree in Adult Learning and Development and a Bachelor's Degree in Business.

Furthermore, Mike Burk has the experience and skills to develop a world class quality management and continuous improvement program. He is also the chair of the IGMA Glass Safety Awareness Council, and served as a member of the Technical Services Committee and chair of the Certification and Education Committee.

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 14.36.48.pngMr. Mike Burk, North America Technical Representative for Sparklike

In addition to many IGMA presentations, Mike Burk has presented glass safety seminars and webinars for GANA, Fenestration Canada, NGA, GED Integrated Solutions and Quanex Building Products. He is a regular guest columnist for DWM Magazine and has written over thirty published articles and columns.

Jarno Hartikainen, on the other hand, started few months back as our Development Manager. Mr. Hartikainen holds a Master's Degree in Applied Chemistry and has been previously working in the research and consultation company called SciTech-Service. Mr. Hartikainen has strong international technical sales and process development background in the area of biorefining. His assignments have comprised of, for example, evaluation of novel industrial processes, development of new business areas, reviewing of technical upgrading opportunities, acquiring suitable new customers/cooperation partners as well as developing internal quality processes.

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 16.41.43.png

Mr. Jarno Hartikainen, Development Manager at Sparklike

Mr. Hartikainen was a perfect fit to our team since he has a broad expertise in business and analysis development with special emphasis on product quality improvement. Finally, Mr. Hartikainen possesses a strong hands-on experience in process development within the biorifining industry

To access the Specialist Article about insulating glass industry and quality control in the DACH area written by our Sparklike Distributor from the DACH area, Andreas Kotzke from Rottler and Rüdiger and Partner GmbH (R&R), click the link below:

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