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Posted 24.09.2016

Five glasstecs have passed since Sparklike presented itself with its own stand. By no means were we prepared for the amount of people that we got to meet during four short days!

There were over 40k people from over 100 countries attending this year's glasstec, and over 500 of them found their way to us. Most of the time, our stand was full of visitors, keeping all of us busy showcasing our devices, discussing about our technology and greeting old friends.

Glasstec also acted as the perfect platform to introduce our new Sparklike Laser Portable to the masses. The device includes the whole Sparklike Laser system integrated into a heavy duty case with wheels and a battery for mobility in factories and buidling sites. As all three devices within the Sparklike Laser product line, Sparlike Laser Portable analyzes IG gas concentration on triple and double glazed units. Measurement can be done also through coated and laminated glasses.

Please click below to download the leaflet about Sparklike Laser Product line.


In terms of sales, we also exceeded our expectations. We had put together a special glasstec offer. In the end, we sold a lot more than expected. For example, all the Sparklike Handheld devices that we had brought from Finland, were sold out as well, a complete success!

In addition of occupying our stand and meeting with the press, we also presented our technical paper at the Engineered Transparency symposium.

Sparklike Hanheld Gasglass calibration certificateSparklike and Gasglass Hanheld calibration certificate

 In order to celebrate the great success of our Sparklike Handheld devices, we gave away our 1000th Handheld device. The lucky winner was:

Sabine Dankesreiter from Interpane Glasindustrie mbH, congratulations!

To make sure that we were giving out a well-rounded after sales service, Interpane Glasindustrie mbH also received our Sparklike CARE for their new Sparklike Handheld device. Sparklike CARE is an annual care free service agreement, which makes sure that the Sparklike Handheld device is up to date, the client is gaining prolonged product life, and of course saving a significant amount of money.

Summa summarum, glasstec 2016 was a complete success for us leaving behind happy Sparklikers with even stronger connections with our stakeholders, new prospects to wow and unexpected opportunities to experience!