Glass Build 2015 Recap

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Posted 22.09.2015

Glass Build America was yet another great event for us in 2015. Like in China Glass we were exited to join forces with Inagas and Quanex Building Products to discuss how to improve performance of energy efficient argon filled glass products. This collaboration makes also perfect sense in USA where Sparklike products are distributed by Quanex. Thus, if were able to see a demostration of Sparklike products in Glass Build and would like more information do not hesitate to contact David Hill from Quanex directly.


Revolution in argon measurement

Overall 2015, has been etremely exiting year. We have intruduced commercially a new argon fill analyzer, Sparklike Laser that allows operators to measure window and door products with Low-E coatings as well as triple glazing in one measurement. The new argon fill analyzer is possible to integrate directly on the production line. Really we should not be talking about argon fill only, as the new laser technology allows measurement of several noble gases. 


Glazing going social

Glass Built was also THE social media event. We were really pleased to see the industry professionals post so many tweets and videos about the event. Just follow our Twitter account to see what an impact you made! We are also pleased to share with you a video by Quanex Building Products featuring our CEO Miikkael Niemi.