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Posted 24.06.2015

Sparklike is presenting its new propietary laser application for insulating glass measurement at Glass Performanance Days June 24-26 in Tampere, Finland. 

The revolutionary new technology that led to a launch of Sparklike Laser is discussed and showcased during the intensive 3 days in Tampere. The technology allows measurement of triple glazed units as well as measurement through special coatings - even Low-E. System also has readiness to be integrated to a production system.

Miikkael Niemi will be covering the main operation and the technology inside the new Sparklike Laser. For more information, contact Mr. Niemi - the CEO of Sparklike Oy.

miikkael-niemi.jpg Miikkael Niemi
Tel. +358 40 7323272

Sparklike is the developer of the world´s first non-invasive gas analyzer for insulating glass. The company´s Sparklike product line has become the de facto world standard for gas fill measurement of IGUs. The products are sold worldwide and are in daily use by the world´s leading insulated glass manufacturers, testing laboratories and window processors. To meet tightening industry standards and keep pace with the fast developments of state-of-the-art glass manufacturing Sparklike has developed a new laser based technology for high-performance gas fill measuring. Alongside the new technology, Miikkael Niemi will discuss the advantages of gas fill for thermal performance and the latest developments in gas fill measurement.