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Posted 01.09.2017

We at Sparklike were happy to take part in the Architectural Glass Quality workshop held on the 27th of June, during the 25th GPD Conference. We participated in the workshop alongside with AyroxGlaston and Suragus. The aim of the workshop was to help architectural glass professionals to discover the latest innovations in the glass quality assessment. 

In the morning part of the workshop, a summary of norms governing the architectural glass and how they impact the quality was covered. Subsequently, in addition to our devices, three other measurement instrumentation companies presented their solutions for quality control and process support for the production of quality glass.

Click the link below to access all the slides from the Architectural Glass Quality workshop:

Presentation Slides

During the afternoon, participants were invited to visit Glaston facilities to check out the air furnace (i.e. I-look) and Rakla factory to have a look at Sparklike devices, in order to see how these solutions are being implemented.

Sparklike Laser Portable for non-invasive insulating gas fill analysis of double and triple glazed IGU's with coatings and laminated glasses.

Sparklike Laser Portable™  was used to do the demos during the workshop to measure the insulating gas fill concentration non-destructively.


Mauri Saksala (Sparklike Oy) Janne Aittokallio (Glaston Finland Oy), Marcus Klein (Suragus GmbH), Riku Färm (Glaston Finland Oy) and Mikko Suomi (Ayrox)

The Architectural Glass Quality workshop held on the 27th of June, during the 25th GPD Conference. Sparklike oy, Ayrox, Glaston and Suragus.


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